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Check Point - GAiA - How To View Configuration - CLI

In Check Point GAiA, system configuration can be viewed using command "show configuration". The command need to be executed on clish mode.


show configuration


CheckPoint-GAiA> show configuration
# Configuration of CheckPoint-GAiA
# Language version: 12.3v1
# Exported by johndoe on Fri Feb 13 15:31:16 2015
set syslog filename /var/log/messages
set syslog cplogs off
set syslog mgmtauditlogs on
set syslog auditlog permanent
set lcd screensaver mode model
set lcd screensaver timeout 30
set router-id
set max-path-splits 8
set tracefile maxnum 10
set tracefile size 1
set edition 64-bit
set format date dd-mmm-yyyy
set format time 24-hour
set format netmask Dotted
add allowed-client host any-host
set arp table cache-size 4096
set arp table validity-timeout 60
set arp announce 2
set password-controls min-password-length 10
set password-controls complexity 2
set password-controls palindrome-check true
set password-controls history-checking true
set password-controls history-length 30
set password-controls password-expiration never
set password-controls expiration-warning-days 7
set password-controls expiration-lockout-days never
set password-controls force-change-when no
set password-controls deny-on-nonuse enable false
set password-controls deny-on-nonuse allowed-days 365
set password-controls deny-on-fail enable false
set password-controls deny-on-fail failures-allowed 10
set password-controls deny-on-fail allow-after 1200
set hostname CheckPoint-GAiA
add backup-scheduled name "My_Daily_Backup" local
set backup-scheduled name Daily_Backup recurrence daily time 9:0
set inactivity-timeout 60

set message caption off

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