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Check Point - How To Collect CPinfo - CLI

CPinfo is an utility that allows you to collect diagnostic data on a Check Point gateway, Security Management Server or Multi-Domain Security Management Server/Provider-1. The utility is most included in standard installation package of Check Point GAiA, SPLAT (Secure Platform) & Nokia IPSO. You can always download and install the latest version of utility from to get latest features.

CPinfo output file can be viewed & analyzed using Check Point InfoView utility.


cpinfo -l -z -o /var/log/gateway.cpinfo


# cpinfo [-v] [-l] [-a] [-z] [-k] [-n] [-i] [-f <FILE1> <FILE2> ... ] [-s <SR_Number>] [-u <username>] [-y all | <product>] [-o <filename>] [-c <Domain> | -x <VSID>] [-e <e-mail1>,<e-mail2>,<e-mail3>,...] [-d] [-h]

  • -v - Show CPinfo version information
  • -l - Include Log files
  • -n - Don't create CPinfo file (used in combination with "-f" flag)
  • -z - Output is gzipped
  • -k - Include FireWall Kernel Tables dump
  • -i - Non-interactive mode
  • -f <FILE> - Upload additional files (separated with space) to Check Point server
  • -s <SR_Number> - Specifies the ticket number
  • -u <username> - Connects to User Center with username and password
  • -y - Show Installed hotfixes
  • -o - Specifies CPinfo output file name
  • -c <Domain> - Generate CPinfo for a certain Domain (Multi-Domain Management only)
  • -x <VSID> - Generate CPinfo for a certain VSID (VSX mode only)
  • -e <e-mail> - Specifies e-mail addresses (separated by comma) to notify about upload status
  • -d - Don't check for updates
  • -a - Force update check (the check is weekly by default)
  • -h - Display this help and exit

Note: The usage option may vary depends of the version of CPinfo installed on a device. You can always download and update latest version of the utility from


[Expert@CheckPoint-Gateway]# cpinfo -l -z -o /var/log/CheckPoint-Gateway.cpinfo

Would you like to download the latest CPinfo package from Check Point Download Center? y/n: [y]n

Would you like to upload CPinfo file securely to Check Point Download Center? y/n: [y]n

                CPinfo Creation...

Collecting information...: 100%

Compressing output file...

Compressing output file - done (/var/log/CheckPoint-Gateway.gz)



 Note: CPinfo utility can be run from both Clish & Expert mode.

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