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Check Point - Basic Troubleshooting Command Reference

List of basic Check Point troubleshooting commands.

View OS and software blade statistics.
Collect diagnostic data for CP support cases.
System monitoring tool (GAiA) generating monitoring data every 10 minutes, keeping the data for 7 days.
E.g.: sar -n EDEV - Interface errors from today
sar -u -f /var/log/sa/sa04 - CPU stats from the 4th.
For 24h, monitor gw resource utilization every minute and generate a CSV report to use for sizing considerations or troubleshooting. See sk88160 for additional information.
ethtool -S
View interface statistics and counters.
Create a bootable system on a USB device for system or password recovery and secure HDD wiping.
cpinfo -z -o <file>
Create a compressed cpinfo file to open with the InfoView utility or to send to Check Point support.
Configuration Summary Tool and its enhanced version. Packs IPSO config, logs, core dumps etc. into a single file.
fw ctl zdebug drop
Real time listing of dropped packets.
cpwd_admin list
Display PID, status and starting time of CP WatchDog monitored processes.
cpca_client lscert
Display all ICA certificates.
fw tab –t <tbl> [–s]
View kernel table contents. Make output short with -s switch. List all available tables with fw tab -s.
Example: fw tab -t connections -s – View connection table.
fw ctl multik stat
Show connection statistics for each kernel instance.
fw ctl pstat
Display internal statistics including information about memory, inspect, connections, synchronization and NAT.
fw ctl chain
Displays in and out chain of CP modules. Useful for placing fw monitor into the chain with the -p option.
cp_conf sic state
cp_conf sic init <key>
Display SIC trust status or (re)initialize SIC.
fwm sic_reset
Reset Internal Certificate Authority (ICA) and delete certs. Reinitialize ICA with cpconfig or cp_conf ca init.
Manage parts of the ICA. View, create and revoke certificates, start and stop the ICA Web Tool.
Examples: cpca_client lscert -stat Valid
cpca_client search <searchstring>
fwaccel <off|on>
Disable/enable SecureXL.
Statistics and analysis of snoop/tcpdump/fw monitor traffic capture files.

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